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We are Totally Rebuilding the World. No Joke! GiGRUSH.org

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Probably the Biggest Project ever organized in the History of Mankind.
Spread this message virally and help bring the world into total positivity.


A Global Movement that is going to totally rebuild the world via thousands of positive GiGS (GiG = Getting Ideas Going) active in all areas of life. We are forming a massive global group of like-minded people, that share the same higher values in life. These people will build and work on amazing GiGS. Some “bigger” GiG examples are: New Alternative Banking Systems, World Hunger Solutions, Free Unlimited Energy, New Proactive Political Parties Major Humanitarian Projects, Life-Improving Technologies, Raising Global Consciousness. Some “smaller” GiG examples are: New Social Mediums, Customizable Phone Apps, Healthy Food Restaurant Concepts, Solar Powered Bicycle, Original Watch Design, Innovative Clothing Line, the list is endless...We are talking here about potentially thousands of GiGS that will bring about the Dawn of a positive New World.

This is an open invitation to every Positive Person on the Planet to Join - and help make This Happen!

This message must go viral online. To do this we need Masses of People to make this happen. We made a special page that gives you the tools you need to help spread this via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email, Skype and Web Pages.
Visit: www.GiGRUSH.org/viral

Feeling Superhuman? Contribute and spread gigrush.org/change to really change the world!

If this concept is “on your level” we want to talk with you...on your thoughts - ideas - feedback - Anything!
Skype us at: Gigrushcontactpoint or via Email at contactpoint@gigrush.com
We are open to every kind of positive conversation. (Don't be shy, smile).

Your “future world” thanks you for spreading this message.

GiG Regards
The GiGRUSH Movement

Ps, To get you excited, we made you (and the world) a little video teaser to enjoy a little of the GiGRUSH magic and help spread this message.

Video: http://vimeo.com/53917164

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Have you seen my GiGRUSH Wall Post yet?...If not, you need to check it faster than Lightning...This is BiG News!
And we need to make this go Viral asap...Get inspired at www.GIGRUSH.org...and if you LOVE the GiGRUSH concept (that’s a silly question - I know you will love it : ) to do positive around the world, then Proudly lift your index finger to bless the GiGRUSH post with a ‘like’...and your “future world” will LOVE you for it!
A trillion thank yous for your amazing click contribution!

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