GiGRUSH Play Terms

This Document (The Play Terms) describes how the GiGRUSH Community operates.
Considering communities are vibrant and constantly changing environments, these play terms are subject to change. We therefore strongly advise the user to check the Play Terms section at the website regularly for possible updates to this document. By using these websites -, and or by participating in the GiGRUSH Community you agree with these GiGRUSH Play Terms mentioned on this page. In other words you agree to follow and play by these Play Terms. As the GiGRUSH community grows, additional content will be added to these GiGRUSH Play terms.

What is GiGRUSH?

GiGRUSH is a foundation and non-profit organization, it has been founded to offer to all those interested in their own personal growth and development to participate. Regardless of background or financial means. Only motivation and dedication are needed. Moreover, GiGRUSH will also offer individuals the unique opportunity to help reshape the world by working on individual GiGRUSH ventures (GiGS) together with GiGGERS from around the globe.

GiGRUSH is all about self-development, learning by doing and achieving personal growth.
GiGRUSH (The GiGRUSH Community/Movement) is a global movement of people who want to achieve their dreams and goals. The GiGRUSH Movement wants to realize these dreams by building an ‘International GiG Ecosystem’. This ecosystem makes it possible for it’s members to realize substantial personal growth by offering self-learning resources and more importantly, by offering the possibility to form and forge ‘teams’ (creating a ‘GiG’) that will actually work – focused on a very specific ‘real-life’, social, business, or cultural project. GiGRUSH is about self-development and personal growth by DOING, not just by theory but by actually putting what you learn into practice. The Community believes that by uniting the forces and energy of all of its members and by collaborating as one global family, it can bring all of us to totally new, unsurpassed levels which would not be attainable while working alone.

  • • GiGRUSH is about creating a positive ‘ecosystem force’.
  • • A force with the potential to rebuild and change the world in a positive way.
  • • By creating a new GiGRUSH Venture, you support the total global GiGRUSH Ecosystem.
  • • It’s important to mention that all GiGS are owned and administered by the total GIGRUSH Movement, and not by it's individual members. In this way we unite all the energy into one positive super community from where we can redistribute the financial gains amongst all the GiGRUSH Members. GiGRUSH is a foundation and not a company or enterprise. GiGRUSH Ventures (GiGS) can be for profit or non-profit.
  • • A GiG is a venture project started and lead by a GiGGER.
  • • The ultimate purpose of the GiGRUSH Movement is the re-building of the world via thousands of positive GiGS.
    An individual GiG will be able to reward the individuals that have contributed to its development.
    Potential rewards will come from the total Ecosystem and the individual GiG one has been involved in.

Goals of GiGRUSH

  • • A global platform that offers a high level, free-of-charge, ‘learning-by-doing’, training and self development programs
  • • Rebuilding the world via thousands of positive GiGS
  • • Reshaping and improving how everything in our society works via different GiGRUSH Ventures (GiGS)
  • • Create a global ecosystem where ultimately it’s members can find financial independence
  • • A place where GiGS collaborate, and together can create something ‘larger than life’ to benefit all its individual members
  • • To create a community where individuals can do those things in life that they love doing. Those things that make them happy and that can provide them with financial independence
  • • To provide one supportive family of like-minded people
  • • To invent an alternative system of living, working and creating - In a self-sustainable way - Built on positive energy
  • • To create and build GiGS, as well as potential ‘spin-offs’ and real start-ups for the benefit of the total GiG Ecosystem.
  • • A GiGGER can potentially benefit financially due to part of the proceeds being allocated to, and shared between the founders of that individual GiG Team
  • • The GiGRUSH Community believes that the energy, motivation, dedication, collaboration and powers of it’s members exceed both individual and current corporate thinking
  • • To create a platform of contributors that can together manifest any positive project in a short time frame
  • • But most of all, the GiGRUSH Community works together for each individual to reach their goals in life
  • - and have a great time while doing it!

What is GiGRUSH Not about?

• GiGRUSH is not a place where entrepreneurs come to work on individual start-ups, which they incubate for individual purposes. What GiGRUSH wants to do, is a lot more - No individual thinking in this Movement,
- Only United Thinking

How to conduct yourself within the GiGRUSH Movement

1. Do everything within your power to support, protect and grow the GiGRUSH Movement.
2. Display Honesty and Ethics.
3. Practice the GiGRUSH Knowledge (see education center - coming soon)

The GiGRUSH Universe Elements


A person (individual) active in the GiG Community.


Plural of GiGGER.


Is a venture project started and lead by a GiGGER (The GiG Leader)


Plural of GiG

GiGRUSH Community / GiGRUSH Movement:

The total sum of all the GiGS and GiGGERS as a whole is called the ‘GiG Community’.
This GiGRUSH Community are all members of the (non-profit) foundation:
‘Private Stichting, The GiG Community Foundation’. Kapelbaan 15, 9255 Buggenhout, Belgium.

GiGRUSH for Students and Non Students:

GiGRUSH has a big focus on creating activities at Universities and Colleges around the world. However GiGRUSH also has a major global program for non students to set-up and contribute to amazing GiGS. GiGRUSH wants every positive person on the planet to join and help make this change happen.

GiGRUSH Campus Leader:

An individual who is organizing the GiGRUSH activities within a certain University/College/Campus.

GiGRUSH Campus Team:

The team responsible to organize GiGRUSH activities within a certain University/College, under the ‘leadership’ of the GiGRUSH Campus Leader. This team can be up to 3 people and are all appointed by the GiGRUSH Campus Leader

GiG Full Member:

A member who has undergone a verification procedure and who has signed and submitted the necessary paperwork to confirm his/her full-membership (in writing). A Full Member will be granted access to join actual GiGS.

Seed GiG:

A GiG ‘under construction’, pending/awaiting sufficient cash-flow and/or sufficient external finance to transform the ‘Seed GiG’ into an actual company structure. All assets of the Seed GiG are owned and administered by the total GiGRUSH Movement.

GiG Launch period:

The initial starting period of a GiG (typically +/- 3 months). During that period, the GiG defines and creates a GiG Venture Plan, milestones and objectives, presentation materials, etc. At the end of this launch period, the main objective is to have a working prototype (Alpha version) and to have obtained finance via crowd funding.

GiG Post Launch period:

The period that starts immediately following the end of the initial GiG Launch period

Incorporated GiG:

A GiG that has achieved sufficient natural cash-flow and/or raised sufficient funding to be structured into a (new) legal identity (company or organization, for profit or non-profit).

GiG Fruits:

Describes the economical benefits a GiGGER obtains by being part of the GiG Community. Those ‘fruits’ can be: ‘Gs’ or ‘LOR’ (Letters of Recognition).

The ‘G’ or the GiGRUSH Currency:

Is the Internal Currency to be used to facilitate collaboration between GiGS, GiGGERS, GiGRUSH Campus Leaders and GiGRUSH University/College Teams. The GiG Community issues these ‘Gs’ by allocating them:

  • • As a ‘working budget’ for GiGS (to support/facilitate its growth)
  • • To ‘GiGRUSH ‘Troopers’
    This internal-currency-based ‘barter system’ facilitates and allows smooth collaboration and ‘transactions’ within the GiGRUSH Ecosystem. In time, it is the objective of the GiGRUSH Community to attempt to make these ‘Gs’ convertible (exchangeable) against some traditional, monetary currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, YEN etc. The total available amount of ‘Gs’ in the internal monetary system will depend on the results and the financial gains realized by the individual GiGS and the GiGRUSH Community as a whole (via earnings in owned and administered companies, revenues, exits, etc). It is at the sole discretion of the GiG Administration to decide how much will be allocated to the G-holders. By owning ‘Gs’, individual ‘G’ members can participate in the growth of the GiG Community/Movement around the world. Only the GiG Community Administration will be responsible for the allocation of ‘G budgets’ to individual GiG and/or GiG Troopers.


Individual currency unit of the GiG Currency.


Plural of G

Applying for Gs:

A GiG Leader can apply for a ‘G budget’. Approval is subject to a request-procedure followed by a formal decision of the GiG Community Administration. If granted, the ‘Gs’ can only be used to the benefit of that specific GiG.

Letter of Recognition:

This document is issued by the GiG Leader in the name of the GiG he/she is managing. It officially recognizes the contribution of any contributing GiGGER (Alpha GiGGER, KickStart GiGGER, Freelance GiGGER, Mentor GiGGER) to a GiG and describes the nature of the contribution in full. It also describes the potential future rewards. The GiG Community Administration needs to formally validate the Letter of Recognition in writing before this LOR can be used within the Community. On a best-effort basis, the GiG Leader will try to do everything possible to make sure that the return can be achieved. It is important to underline that this is on a 'best-effort’ basis. The GiG Leader cannot guarantee validity before having received final confirmation from the GiG Administration. Even upon validity it does not create any legal liability. The LOR is a ‘deed of trust’ by both the issuer (GiG Leader) on one hand and the receiver of the Letter of Recognition on the other. This is not a commitment nor a formal, legally binding obligation nor a ‘debt’ nor an ‘IOU’ of the GiG Community in favor of the receiver or anyone else.


Acronym of ‘Letter of Recognition’

Role GiGGER:

The practical role a GiGGER fulfills in an individual GiG or the GiG Community at large.

Multiple GiG Roles:

A GiGGER can fulfill multiple roles within the GiG community. However only one role per GiG.

Alpha GiGGER:

A GiGGER who is mainly focused on the growth of one particular GiG, for a term of typically minimum 2 years.

Kickstart GiGGER:

Focused on creating multiple GiGS. The strength of these creative GiGGERS is to launch new GiGS.
They are not so much interested in participating in the work of the GiG post-launch period.
(This is with the exception of potential paid work coming from the Letter of Recognition).
A Kickstart GiGGER will typically be awarded by either ‘Letter(s) of Recognition’ and/or ‘Gs’.

Freelance GiGGER:

A GiGGER possessing certain skills, expertise or know-how and willing to inject this in one or multiple GiGS. Besides other motivation, the ‘material’ motivation for the Kickstart GiGGER is either ‘Letter(s) of Recognition’ and/or ‘Gs’.

Mentor GiGGER:

GiGGER with substantial experience in life. They act as mentor of one or more GiGS and they aim to develop others. Besides other motivation, the ‘material’ motivation for the Mentor GiGGER is either ‘Letter(s) of Recognition’ and/or ‘Gs’.

GiG Team:

Group of all of the team-members of one specific GiG: the alpha, kick-start, freelance, mentor GiGGERS; all related to one and the same individual GiG.

GiG Leader:

The individual responsible to lead one individual GiG. He/she ‘reports’ the progress of an individual GiG to the GiG Community (Administration). The GiG Leader is responsible to ‘guide’, ‘steer’ and ‘manage’ the activities of the GiG and to make the necessary decisions related to the launch of a GiG. The GiG Leader is typically the individual who will be the natural ‘CEO’ of the GiG once maturity has been reached.

GiGRUSH Community/Movement Administration:

Is the administration of the GiGRUSH Community responsible to administratively and technically manage the GiGRUSH Community/Movement, owning decision and veto powers. GiGRUSH Administration: c/o Private Stichting The GiG Community Foundation, Kapelaan 15, 9255 Buggenhout Belgium.

Online GiGRUSH Platform (Coming Soon):

Is an online platform managing the interaction in the GiGRUSH Community. To it’s members, the platform is accessible by going to (or dedicated landing pages)

GiGRUSH Arbitration Desk:

In case of conflict or dispute between any individuals and/or group within the GiGRUSH Community/Movement, the GiG Arbitration Desk (part of the daily management of the GiG Foundation) will mediate, arbitrate and in some case ‘rule verdict’. Members do understand and fully agree that this Arbitration Desk is the only valid and possible point of contact for any disputes and accept this principle in-full and without any reservation or limitation.

GiG Trooper:

A GiGGER focused solely on growing the Community/Movement without actually being involved in an individual GiG.

Trooper Voucher:

A document describing the contribution of the Trooper to the GiG Community.

Trooper Wall:

Lists the Troopers and the Trooper’s Vouchers.
This Trooper Wall is the tool to administer the rewards of the Troopers. These rewards can include: certain benefits, top positions in GiGS, gifts, ‘Gs’ etc. This list shows the upcoming and granted GiG Trooper rewards (for their help and support of the total GiGRUSH community, without contributing to any individual GiG).

Non-profit GiG:

GiG with a non- profit goal.

Profit GiG:

GiG with a ‘profit making’ objective.

GiG Education Program (MGA):

The GiGRUSH Community is an educational system enabling GiGGERS to grow by offering them the opportunity to work on ‘real life situations’ and by creating new projects (GiGS).

MGA: (“Master in the GiG Achievements”)

The MGA degree demonstrates real life ‘practical’ skills and ‘achieved results’ in combination with expertise.
It is about ‘doing’ and ‘accomplishment’. Only full members can be awarded this MGA .
There are the 3 milestones to be met:

  • • Go through every mandatory task of the Learning section (coming soon).
    It is key to demonstrate mastership of the knowledge of the different subject matters
  • • Report personal progress (minimum once per week) in the personal GiG Journal (coming soon) during the time of being an Alpha-GiGGER or GiG Leader
  • • Substantial contribution (as Alpha GiGGER or GiG Leader) to the realization of an individual
    GiG that becomes successful.
    The definition of a ‘successful GiG’ is a GiG with a minimum turnover of 1M USD (or cash-in stream in the case of non-profit) or that has raised a minimum of 1M USD in funding. The GiG Community administration will evaluate, weigh and assess the 3 milestone results, and determine if the candidate is eligible to be granted the MGA degree. The degree can be achieved at the member’s own pace at any time. There are no time limits. What matters is to really understand and practice the knowledge in real life.

Relationships between: GiGRUSH Campus Leader and GiG Leader:

Basically there is no direct relationship between these two parties.
The GiGRUSH Campus Leader makes sure that a student/individual becomes a GiGGER and possibly subsequently applies to launch a GiG and possibly becomes a GiG Leader. That is where the formal relationship starts and ends.

Relationships between: GiG Leader and GiG Team Members

The GiG Leader is the ‘captain’ of the GiG Activities. He/she is responsible for the Team including the activities of the individual team members.

Relationships between: GiGRUSH Campus Leader and a GiG Member.

The GiGRUSH Campus Leader is responsible to recruit new GiG Members, to connect them with GiGS, to motivate them to become GiG Leader of a new GiG, and to motivate them to attract other new GiG Members. The GiGRUSH Campus Leader is also responsible to make sure the new GiGGERS fully understand the platform. If they have any questions, they will turn to the GiGRUSH Campus Leader as there first place of contact.

Cross working:

Most of the activities take place at the actual University/College. However, the power of the platform is to create/build cross-University/College teams; regardless of geographic location. GiG Members can collaborate internationally and in multi-disciplinary teams.

GiG ID Number:

Every GiGGER, GiG, and GiG Rush Campus, is assigned a unique ID number. This ID number can be used to facilitate collaboration and transactions internally.

GiG Jobs:

At the time enough momentum is created in a GiG (Mature GiG) a GiGGER may be offered a paid position in that GiG which is then starting the second phase of its life cycle.

GiG Gatekeepers:

Individuals responsible for screening candidates who - wish to become new GiGGERS and/or individuals who wish to represent a University/College and/or those who wish to launch a new GiG.

Exit initiated by the GiGGER:

The Full membership can be ended at any time by sending a registered mail to following address : Private stichting The GiG Community Stichting Foundation. Kapelbaan 15, 9255 Buggenhout, Belgium. The exit will not terminate any formal commitments or legal obligations of that individual GiGGER nor the GiG he/she was active in. Commitments made, stay in full force.

Exit initiated by the GiG Community:

If any of the general terms, the GiGRUSH Play Terms, conduct terms or any other agreement is violated by an individual and/or by a team, the GiGRUSH Community has the right to remove the GiGGER member(s) by simply deleting/blocking his/her membership. Neither the member nor the team will be eligible to receive any fees or other benefits, nor any compensation and cannot claim damages, of whatever nature. The GiGGER waives all rights to claim damages as well as to the GiGS he/she contributed to. The exit will result in losing all rights and/or assets accumulated within the GiG community. This termination will be in effect, immediately, totally, and irrevocably.

Exit out of a GiG by a GiG Leader:

Removal of a GiGRUSH Member by a GiG Leader can take place if there are no Letters of Recognition outstanding (between the GiG and that individual Team Member).

ENTRANCE into an individual GiG:

A GiGGER can:

  • • Apply to join a GiG
  • • Be invited by a GiG Leader
  • • Be solicited by the GiGRUSH Community
    The entrance acceptance needs to be validated and endorsed by the GiG Leader of that specific GiG before being firm and in force. Entrance to a GiG is only available to Full GiGRUSH Members

GiGGER exit from a GiG:

  • • When his/her membership ends.
  • • By decision of the GiG Leader. The removal of a GiG Member by a GiG Leader can only take place if there no are Letters of Recognition outstanding (between the GiG and that individual Team Member).

GiGRUSH Campus Leader:

The GiGRUSH Campus Leader is the individual responsible to represent the GiG Community at the applicants Campus.
Typically this is an active student of the University/College.

The status of a GiGRUSH Campus Leader:

This section describes the status of the GiGRUSH Campus Leader. An applicant for a GiGRUSH Campus Leadership can only become a GiGRUSH Campus Leader after receiving acceptance by the GiGRUSH Movement. The status of the GiGRUSH Campus Leader is an add-on to the Full Member application as a GiGGER. There can be only one GiGRUSH Campus Leader per Campus. This GiGRUSH Campus Leader can choose to appoint up to 3 GiGRUSH representatives at his or her campus to assist with the GiGRUSH tasks. The division of a University/College into campuses is the decision of the GiGRUSH Community (administration). The GiGRUSH Community (administration) also reserves the right to change the campuses if the GiGRUSH Movement finds it necessary to do so.

The role of the GiGRUSH Campus Leader at his/her campus:

  • • To recruit new GiGRUSH members (GiGGERS)
  • • To generate a community spirit between the GiGGERS
  • • To inspire others to spread the word about GiGRUSH
  • • To identify potential GiGRUSH Campus Leader(s) for “open campuses” at that individual University/College.
    (An ‘open campus’ is a campus at a certain university that does not have GiGRUSH Campus leader)
  • • To set up events to promote GiGRUSH
  • • To be available for GiGGERS as the “go-to contact person” for any questions related to GiGRUSH at that Campus
  • • To follow up regularly with the GiG Leaders
  • • To communicate with students and identify and document their dreams, ideas, skills and talents
  • • To motivate students to start a GiG, become a GiG Leader, and help them believe in themselves and the community
  • • To report back to the GiGRUSH Movement (administration) and give an accurate view of the students interests, evolution and challenges
  • • To report back any ideas on how we can improve positivity and community spirit in the student community
  • • To organize promotional campaigns such as flyer distribution, posters, social media publications, workshops etc.

Benefits of being a GiGRUSH Campus Leader:

  • • Be recognized publicly as the GiGRUSH Camp us Leader
  • • Be a leader in the GiGRUSH Movement that will be changing and rebuilding the world
  • • Make a real difference in the world
  • • Be part of the core of the global GiGRUSH Family
  • • The excitement of helping launch new promising GiG Ventures
  • • Be part of something larger than life
  • • A unique once in a life time experience
  • • Learning to use the unlimited powers you have within yourself
  • • Create your future (career) already while being at Univetrsity/College
  • • Build up Track-record (experience) in your Curriculum Vitae
  • • Go through a valuable learning curve and self-development process
  • • Improve lives of peers at the GiGRUSH Campus Leader’s campus
  • • Make the GiGRUSH Campus Leader’s campus an even more exciting place for students
  • • Be eligible to be allocated up to 4% equity stake in every for-profit GiG that is being created under the GiGRUSH
    Campus Leader’s leadership at his/her Campus.
  • • Receive part of the proceeds obtained via crowd funding organized by the individual GiGS
  • • Be able to organize crowd funding Campaigns, to finance GiGRUSH Movement activities at that individual Campus.
    Part of those proceeds can be used as a personal scholarship to the individual Campus Leaders, allowing him/her to pay for food, housing, study, personal living expenses etc.
    To become a GiGRUSH Campus Leader a candidate needs to file a GiGRUSH Campus Leader application form. Personal follow-up interviews and additional assessment sessions by the GiGRUSH Movement Administration may be required before being accepted as a GiGRUSH Campus Leader. Acceptance will only be formal after formal and written approval by the GiGRUSH Administration. A GiGRUSH Campus Leader can be removed by the GiGRUSH Administration if he/she is violating the terms of the GiG Community and/or it’s individual GiGRUSH agreements.

Difference between a GiG Rush Campus and the actual GiG Campus Leader:

To clarify: the ‘G’ account of the GiGRUSH Campus is totally different and independent from a personal ‘G’ account of the GiGRUSH Campus Leader. The two should not be confused. It is indeed the duty of the GiGRUSH Campus Leader to manage the G-funds of the Campus account. However, these ‘Gs’ do not belong to him/her personally and can only be used for useful activities of the GiG and thus not for personal or non-GiG purposes. The exact same principle applies to other assets that may ‘belong’ to the GiGRUSH Campus.

GiG Team Leader:

The GiG Leader is the individual who is responsible for managing the activities of an individual GiG. He/she makes sure that the suggested GiG Venture plan, milestones and goals are obtained by managing the GiG activities and his/her GiG Team.

There is only 1 Leader per individual GiG

  • • To become a GiG Team Leader, a candidate needs to file a GiG Launch application
  • • Personal follow-up interviews and additional assessment sessions by the GiGRUSH Movement Administration may be required before being accepted as a GiG Leader
  • • A GiG Leader can be removed from his/her position in case of violation of any of the terms as described in the GiG Launch Application and/or these GiG Play Terms

Responsibilities of a GiG Leader:

  • • The GiG Leader agrees to use all his/her talents and devotion to make the GiG he/she is leading a success
  • • The GiG Team Leader understands that his/her personal motivation, energy and dedication to the GiG are key requirements for success
  • • Another key element is to build a “Top Level Team’. The Team is essential for success
  • • Possible team members (or other Supportive GiGS) could be found withing the GiG Community or these can also be individuals from outside the platform. The GiG Leader will help them to apply to become a Full GiG Member to participate in this GiG development
  • • The GiG Leader will let his/her fellow GiGGERS enjoy the learning and personal growth experience through their participation in the GiG that he/she is managing
  • • The GiG Leader agrees to write a GiG Venture Plan and he/she will make sure to keep the uploaded plans up-to-date at all times
  • • On a weekly basis, the GiG Leader will submit a progress report and comment on the challenges that he/she is facing. The aim of this communication is to receive support from the GiG Community where possible
  • • The GiG Leader will not use any IPR (Intelectual Property Rights) or other intellectual property that belongs to others without having obtained the full right and prior written approval to do so. The GiG Leader agrees to check carefully for any possible IPR infringements

Benefits of being a GiG Leader:

  • • Be recognized publicly as a GiG Leader
  • • Be a Leader in the GiGRUSH Movement that will be changing and rebuilding the world
  • • Make a difference in the world via the GiG you are facilitating
  • • Be part of the Global GiGRUSH Family
  • • The excitement of helping launch a new promising GiG Venture
  • • Be part of something larger than life
  • • A unique once in a life time experience
  • • Learning to use the unlimited powers you have within yourself
  • • Create your future (career) while being at University/College
  • • Obtain financial earnings from leading the GiG (depending on the success)
  • • Obtain a scholarship by organizing a crowd funding campaign
  • • Build up track-record (experience) in your Curriculum Vitae


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